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“Thanks Elliott for fighting for the truth – especially when I was dealing with a serious medical issue and was unable to fight the false charges alone.”– Pat

“I found myself of being accused of some outlandish accusations. I knew I needed an attorney ASAP. I needed an attorney that could practice in state and tribal courts. Elliott was amazing! I had plenty of documentation that proved the accusations were bogus, I was battling corruption as well. Elliott was able to get things handled in a timely and effective manner. I know the entities are still recovering from the truth. Still optimistic that my case can overturn some serious wrongs if we ever get the resources to take it to Supreme Court. Elliott was willing to work with me on all the details and will always be grateful for his services! If I ever find myself in need of an attorney, he’s where I will go first!”– Jamila

“Mr. Dugger eagerly took on a complicated contempt case. From the beginning, I felt Dugger was on my side, supported my position, all in addition to being straightforward and honest. While settling my case he was hardworking, diligent, but above all, informative and proactive. In the end, my divorce decree was upheld with my ex having to comply and follow the original divorce decree. Thanks to Mr. Dugger I am able to stay in my home, while being reimbursed by my ex for the expenses I was forced to pay when faced with foreclosure.”– A Satisfied Client

“Thank you Mr. Dugger!! He was willing to step into my matter and handle it, when others wouldn’t. I couldn’t be more grateful and I would highly recommend him to anyone!”– Benjamin

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