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Whether you’re preparing to get married, divorced, or expand your family through adoption, you need guidance from a law firm committed to you and your loved ones. This is a clear focus at Dugger Law Firm. Mr. Dugger’s diverse experience enables our practice to offer a variety of services designed to help your family.

Few practice areas are more sensitive than family law — and as a general practice law firm, we should know. While all clients receive compassionate support as they deal with various legal issues, empathy is even more important when handling family matters such as child custody or property division. With that in mind, Dugger Law Firm focuses on forming a level playing field.

Children’s best interests are always a top consideration in the family cases we handle. We do everything in our power to avoid contributing to a game of one-ups, as we believe this causes major harm for affected children.

While much of our work in family law involves the divorce process, we are willing to assist clients with a variety of other concerns — regardless of their current or future marital status. We offer detail-oriented service but also keep the big picture at the forefront.

It’s natural to feel stressed in the midst of significant family law concerns, but a bright future lies ahead. First, however, you need proactive support from a family attorney who cares. You’ll find exactly that as you begin your journey with Dugger Law Firm.

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