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Family Lawyer Brevard North Carolina

Family law cases can become quite heated arguments. Because these cases arise from disputes among family members, emotional responses can make for tense situations. This is why it is a good idea to make sure that you work with the Best Family Law Firm that understands the sensitivity of family matters.

What Exactly Does A Family Lawyer Do In North Carolina?

Family lawyers specialize in matters within the specific area of family law. Family law can include legal issues that arise within a family unit, such as divorce, child custody, adoption, guardianship, etc. A family lawyer will represent you in court if your case makes it that far, but they can also act as mediators in legal arguments between family members.

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With several years of experience in family law, the Dugger Law Firm in Brevard, North Carolina can assist you with the following matters, among others.

1. Prenuptial agreements. If you are considering marriage, you might want to create a prenuptial agreement. This document states who owns which property and assets and who will get those if the marriage should end.

2. Separation/Divorce. If you or your partner have considered a legal separation or a divorce, then a Divorce Lawyer from the Dugger Law Firm can advise you on making the right decision for your situation. An experienced lawyer will mediate with your partner and their lawyer and even represent you in court, if necessary. A Lawyer For Separation will consider what is in your best interest and guide you accordingly through the process from beginning to end.

3. Child Custody/Child Support. A Child Support Attorney will help you reach an agreement with your partner concerning custody and support of any children involved in your separation/divorce. While working with you, your partner, and their lawyer, a plan for child custody will be created. It might also be decided that one parent pays the other monetary support for the children according to their needs and custody arrangement.

4. Adoption. There are various forms of adoption. The most common that people tend to think of are private adoptions, but step-parents adopt their stepchildren and even adults can be adopted. No matter which type of adoption that you are considering, the Dugger Law Firm in Brevard, NC can help you every step of the way.

If you have a question about any of the above family law issues or questions about any other family law issue, consult with an experienced Family Lawyer at the Dugger Law Firm. We look out for your best interest. If you are in or near Brevard, NC, call (828) 882-2295 for a consultation.

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What are the steps in a divorce proceeding?

In the state of North Carolina, there are special rules put into place for divorces. A couple must be legally separated for a full year and one day before either partner can file for a divorce. This means that the couple must be physically separated and no longer living in the same residence during that year and one day.

The couple is not required to file a Separation Agreement, put a parenting plan in place, or file for child support during the separation before filing the divorce decree. Even so, to legally safeguard each spouse, we recommend that they retain a Divorce Lawyer to arrange terms that they can both agree to during that separation period. This Separation Agreement will legally protect both parties, and make divorce proceedings smoother with fewer disagreements. The requirement of a separation period provides couples an opportunity to work together and possibly reconcile.

If you are considering separation and/or divorce, an expert Divorce Lawyer from the Dugger Law Firm will guide you through the emotional process. If you live in or near Brevard, NC, call (828) 882-2295 for a consultation.

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