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Family Lawyer Services Near Franklin, NC

When it comes to dealing with your family, things can get emotional and sometimes heated. Whether your budding romance is getting serious, you are in a committed relationship with kids or decided that you cannot be with your spouse anymore, these situations can be difficult to navigate. Having an experienced family law attorney like Elliott Dugger from Dugger Law Firm can be the person you need to get you through these complicated issues.

Family lawyer Elliot Dugger understands the sensitive nature of working with families and the emotional effects it can have. That’s why Dugger Law Firm takes an empathetic approach to its practice. Taking the time to listen to you, understand your situation, and give you the best outcomes are the hallmarks of the Dugger Law Firm's legal style. We know that family-related issues may seem like they will never be resolved, but we are here to help guide you to your final objective.

In Franklin, NC, Dugger Law Firm offers services including but are not limited to divorce and child custody attorneys, as well as lawyers for separation. For any other issues related to family law, we are here to help.

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Divorce Lawyer Services Near Franklin, NC

Your wedding day is the happiest moment of your life. All the planning and preparation to celebrate your love with family and friends. On this day, you believe that you and your spouse will be together forever. You never expected that on your wedding day your marriage would end in divorce. Regardless of how you got here, you need an expert child custody attorney on your side so you can have the best outcome.

In North Carolina, you cannot file for an “absolute divorce” until you have been legally separated for one year and a day (366 days). Once 366 days have passed, the final timeline for your divorce depends on a variety of factors:

● Custody Arrangements
● Child Support
● Property Division Plan
● Alimony
● Spousal Support

However, if during the waiting period of 366 days, you contacted the skilled lawyer for separation Elliott Dugger, the divorce process could be quicker than you think. During those 366 days, you can lay the groundwork and develop agreements with your spouse in the above-mentioned categories. These agreements can be determined and classified as stipulations. The stipulations are terms that each party has agreed to before the finalization of the divorce.

If the lawyers from each side did their job correctly, before the final decree it will make the result much easier. When all the information is presented to the court, it will be easier to review and approve, pending no last-minute changes or additions. If you choose a mediocre lawyer to represent you and they drag their feet or are not a good negotiator, the process could take significantly longer to resolve.

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What Are The Steps For Dealing With A Contested Divorce Near Franklin, Nc?

There may be times when the divorce is not amicable and can be pretty hostile. If there is no agreement before the 366-day mark, there will be a discovery phase. This phase is when each of the parties' lawyers collects evidence including financial statements, property owned, and children's information. As a contested divorce, the possibility of litigation increases.

After the discovery phase, your case will be added to the court calendar for a final resolution. You will be operating on the court's time and this could extend the time it takes to get the divorce settled.

Understanding the potential for a long-drawn-out and costly divorce battle, we work with our clients and their spouses to reach an amicable resolution so each person can move on with their lives.

For more information on Family Law in North Carolina, an initial consultation is your next best step. Get the information and legal answers you are seeking by calling Dugger Law Firm at (828) 882-2295 today.

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