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The Factors That Impact The Modification Of Child CustodyIn this article, you can learn about:

  • What could be a valid justification for child custody modification in a North Carolina courtroom.
  • The various factors that go into child custody decisions.
  • Rules the court will always abide by surrounding child custody modification.

What Factors Determine Whether Modification Of Child Custody Is Needed?

Regarding custody arrangements, North Carolina law provides several factors for courts to consider. However, in most cases, parents are free to agree on their own arrangement as long as they both feel it is in their child’s best interests. Having a contract or set of rules in place can help prevent disagreements down the road and provide a fallback option should circumstances change.

In North Carolina, Children can weigh in on custody arrangements at a certain point if they are deemed mature enough, though there is no official set age limit in North Carolina. Domestic violence is always grounds for changing custody arrangements. In addition, the court analyzes the personal sexual conduct of each parent and decides whether this impacts the children negatively.

The court recognizes the importance of keeping siblings together whenever possible. This is based on the well-documented fact that it is beneficial for children to have close relationships with their brothers and sisters. In addition, North Carolina law considers the religious beliefs of parents and children when making custody decisions. The goal is to ensure that the child’s spiritual needs are met.

There are many factors that come into play when deciding custody arrangements, and the standard of living is one of them. While it is not the deciding factor, it is something the court will consider. Factors such as whether the child would be in danger or isolated in the parent’s neighborhood are considered. The aim is to ensure the child has the best chance to develop normal relationships.

When a parent wants to change a custody arrangement, courts will typically reconsider all the original factors that went into making that decision. This process allows a fresh look at what has changed in the circumstances and how those changes might affect custody arrangements. In many cases, parents and their attorneys can reach a new agreement without going back to mediation or court.

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