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Adjusting Family Court Orders When You RelocateIn this article, you can learn about:

  • Using ‘shuttle diplomacy’ to come to custody agreements without the court.
  • Major considerations for deciding on child support payments.

If The Court Does Allow A Relocation, Do Child Support And Custody Or Visitation Orders Get Automatically Adjusted?

Ultimately, the goal is to come to an agreement with your ex-partner, either through negotiation or with the help of two attorneys. This process is called shuttle diplomacy, and it involves both parties working with their respective attorneys to reach a resolution. Once all issues have been addressed in the stipulated agreement, they will be filed with the court for approval.

The court will usually approve of an agreement between two parents unless there is something seriously wrong with it. In most cases, the judge will be glad that the parents can work out a solution independently.

Any change to the current parenting plan will likely come with new expenses, whether it is for travel or child support. Therefore, it is essential that any material changes are taken into account and decided upon in court. This way, all necessary financial arrangements can be expressly communicated upfront.

There are many factors that can affect child support payments. For example, one parent may move to a new location with a different cost of living, or their income may change. This can mean that the original child support agreement needs to be revisited and recalculated.

Child support orders are based on the parent’s income and how many nights per year the non-custodial parent spends with the children. Additionally, when determining child support, consideration is given to how much travel is involved for the custodial parent. For example, the cost of travel will be offset for a custodial parent who takes their children to Hawaii.

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