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You’re Not Alone…

If you’re looking for a family law attorney, you’re probably facing legal challenges that jeopardize what you hold most dear.

Divorce, custody, and support issues can trigger highly emotional experiences for anyone…

But while the uncertainty of what will happen next is frightening – You don’t have to lose hope.

You Have To Remember… Some Bullies Will Stop At Nothing To Win

It’s all too common for family law disputes to turn into a “he-said-she-said”

One party will often lob false accusations against the other in an attempt to get control of the situation by any means necessary.

And this bullying is devastating to watch…

So when I think back on my years as an attorney, there’s one case that always reminds me of why I started practicing law in the first place…

You Should Hear About When I First Met “Mr. Grant”

The case I want to tell you about a father with two young children – an infant and a toddler. (For this story, let’s call him Mr. Grant…)

I met Mr. Grant when he came into my office looking for an attorney to represent him in his divorce case.

He was facing what would be a nightmare for any parent: the possibility of losing custody of his children.

His Past Was Coming Back To Haunt Him…

Unfortunately, Mr. Grant had a prior history of alcohol abuse. His struggle with overdrinking resulted in multiple drunk driving convictions – and even a felony DUI.

The thing is…

Mr. Grant had overcome his battle with drinking years before. And at the time of his divorce, he had been fully sober for well over five years.

But this didn’t stop his ex-wife from making the case that he was unfit to be a father…

She insisted that Mr. Grant should have his parental rights completely stripped away from him.

His Ex-Wife Was Using Every Argument In The Book…

On top of asserting that Mr. Grant was an unsafe parent – his former wife took things a step further…

She tried to make the case that their infant child would be traumatized to spend even one night away from her with Mr. Grant.

Why? Because, (according to her), this separation would cause permanent damage to the newly forming mother-child relationship.

It Was A Rough Start

So after our first meeting, I knew we had an uphill battle ahead of us…

And I assured Mr. Grant that we would take the high road and do everything we could to protect his right to be in the lives of his children.

So We Didn’t Play The Same Games

It might have been easy to go to court and hurl accusations back at Mr. Grant’s ex-wife…

But we knew that the only way that bullies truly win is when they persuade you to fight on their level.

It was true that Mr. Grant struggled with sobriety – but because of this effort to transform his life, and because of his proven track record of commitment to this change…

We knew that the best way forward was paved with honesty and integrity. We had the proof we needed – it was only a matter of showing it to the court.

And We Let The Truth Speak For Itself…

Once a judge sees that you have hit the “five-year mark” of sobriety without relapse, the situation is clear…

A person who has been so dedicated to overcoming their past mistakes is often awarded the grace that is due to them.

So we testified to Mr. Grant’s history – to his past struggles and his criminal record…

And not only did Mr. Grant’s dedication to sobriety earn him grace for his past… His honesty and responsibility for his actions earned him credibility and respect.

But The Fight Wasn’t Over Yet

Once we had shown Mr. Grant’s credibility and dedication to sobriety, we had another hurdle to overcome…

At trial, Mr. Grant’s ex-wife and her team presented 30 years of research “proving” that even a single night away from an infant’s mother would cause them irreparable damage.

As old-fashioned as this claim may seem, there was research to back it up… Fortunately, my doctoral training gave us an unexpected upper hand.

So I Went The Extra Mile To Argue The Case

During my academic career, I had the opportunity to earn a Doctorate. This means that I know how to read scientific studies and point out flaws in the evidence that was submitted to the court.

So when I read through all of the data and statistics, something became abundantly clear…

The studies were not conducted properly.

A meta-analysis of this evidence showed that it was riddled with errors…

And not a single one of them explored the impacts of infants being separated from their fathers.

What I Found Left A Gaping Hole In Their Argument…

What about the trauma sustained by a child by being separated from their father?

If the father can’t have overnights with the child, what might the negative impact of that separation be to the child?

As you can imagine, these new questions and findings blew the other side’s claims out of the water.

Then, The Dominoes Started Falling – One By One…

There are some common sense discrepancies that I was able to point out in the other side’s case.

Since both parents were working professionals, one had to ask the question: What would happen if the mother needed to travel for work?

Of course, the mother would have to leave the infant with its father.

Would this be maternal negligence?

Common sense would say no.

So, what appeared to be impossible odds were quickly reconciled to the greatest outcome.

We were able to overcome what seemed to be overwhelming – and you can’t imagine how these efforts changed the lives of Mr. Grant and his children…

The High Road Brought Us Straight To A Happy Ending

At the end of the case, it was evident to everyone that Mr. Grant was a great dad.

Not only had he been completely present for his children throughout their lives – he had committed himself to being a better man and focusing everything on their wellbeing.

What’s more, we didn’t have to paint the other parent in a bad light… We only had to show the facts as they were.

And this win was so satisfying – because it was earned by being thoughtful, attentive, and playing the cards that we were dealt with integrity.

We dug in deep, looked at both sides fairly, and went above and beyond to make sure that Mr. Grant could continue being there for the kids that make up his whole world.

Can You Imagine How Having An Attorney Like This Could Make The Same Difference For You?

I have seen too many parents face insurmountable odds and legal battles that put their whole lives in a tailspin.

No one likes a bully… And neither do I.

That’s why, after decades as a mental health professional, special education teacher, and special needs advocate, I decided to become a lawyer…

My Name Is Elliott Dugger and I’m Here To Help

I have seen over and over again the ways that the legal system puts certain people at a disadvantage…

But I’ve dedicated my entire career to making sure that everyone has access to the care they need to find the protection they deserve.

I know that the situations that have brought you here are probably far from ideal…

And I am prepared to do everything in my power to make sure that you have a fair fight against anyone who may try to take advantage of you. So you don’t have to go through this alone.

The Truth Is…

The legal system is complicated – and people without an attorney face nearly insurmountable obstacles… But I have the expertise and understanding that you need to get through this.

You don’t spend more time worrying about whether or not you’ll be able to overcome this challenge…

I’m Prepared To Use My Skills To Make Sure That You Have The Opportunity To See Your Story Told

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