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You need a lawyer you can trust as you take on some of life’s most significant challenges. Whether you’re looking to get divorced, draft your will, or handle other stressful legal matters, you should not be willing to settle for just any representative.

Trusted in Montana and North Carolina, our practice carries a reputation built through tireless effort and unmatched passion. Offering family law, estate planning, and many other services, we pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive yet detail-oriented approach to general practice law.

We are proud to serve two wonderful communities with offices based in Missoula, Montana, and Brevard, North Carolina. We offer targeted services developed according to local procedures and concerns in both states.

Are you ready to take the next step towards a positive legal resolution? Then let Dugger Law Firm act as your guide. Contact us at your earliest convenience to learn more about our legal services and exceptional track record.

Meet Attorney J. Elliott Dugger

Elliott Dugger, Esq.

Elliott draws from a wealth of experience to successfully represent clients in solving their legal problems. Before obtaining his law degree from the University of Montana, Elliott began his career as a mental health professional in the private hospital setting. He then moved into the public school arena where he served as a special education teacher and administrator.
Family Law

Handling family law matters can be some of the most delicate and sensitive situations one can experience in life. Since matters of your family are so often personal and hold such high stakes, finding a family law attorney you can trust is paramount. Whether considering the idea of divorce, handling the aftermath of one, or regarding any other family law endeavors like adoption or custody arrangements, ensuring you have the best attorney possible by your side can make a significant difference in your case.

Regardless of the situation, finding a family attorney as quickly as possible in the situation is often one of the most beneficial choices one can make in their case. Especially in divorce or custody proceedings, enlisting the help of the best divorce attorney or child custody lawyer can make the difference between a favorable outcome and one in which you may not accomplish the goals you initially held.

Since family law matters can produce lasting implications on your everyday life, getting the job done right the first time should be your primary concern. Even if you are unsatisfied with your initial representation, it is critical to remember that you can always find representation that more closely aligns with your goals and strategy. At any point in your family law case, contact Dugger Law Firm at either of our offices in Missoula, MT, or Brevard, NC, to schedule an initial consultation to discuss the circumstances of your case and get started on reaching your goals.

Estate Planning

Estate planning and family law are closely related since they both focus on finding the most favorable solution for and protecting your family. However, estate planning is an often overlooked yet critical aspect of life. Many people tend to put off or avoid the estate planning process since it can be challenging to consider. However, it is vital to start early since while it is never too early to start, it can be too late.

Even if you aren't dead but have experienced an unexpected tragedy and have become incapacitated, it may be too late to make legally binding decisions regarding your estate. To avoid this, having a plan in place throughout every stage of your life is crucial. Even if you do not believe you have sufficient assets to make hiring an estate planning attorney necessary, there are significant circumstances to consider in order to ensure any unforeseen events can be handled smoothly. So, call as soon as possible to get started!

General Practice

While some cases and legal issues our clients face are clear-cut, there are also many that fall into a grey area and need personally tailored support to solve. For these matters and everything in between, Dugger Law Firm offers general practice support to help clients through a range of legal issues. While many attorneys may claim they can provide this personalized support, many do not have the experience necessary to best help you.

For the best general practice attorney available in either Brevard, NC, or Missoula, MT, Dugger Law Firm is here to help. Whether you need support with a family law matter, estate planning goal, or something in between, we offer the resources, support, and experience necessary to get the job done right the first time.

Client Testimonials

What To Do Now

Regardless of the family law or estate planning matter you need counsel on, Dugger Law Firm can offer comprehensive and individually tailored support on a range of issues our clients face. With experience gained over a career of helping the communities he serves, Attorney J. Elliott Dugger has the tools and resources necessary to guide you through some of the most complex and sensitive issues you may be facing.

As a general practice law firm with comprehensive experience in family law and estate planning services, Dugger Law Firm is your one-stop shop for any legal matters you and your family may face throughout your life. From navigating any issues from divorce to expanding your family through adoption are handled with poise and professionalism to ensuring your family is protected in the event of a tragedy, look no further than our offices in Brevard, NC, or Missoula, MT.

With over two decades of helping members of his community, Attorney J. Elliott Dugger understands the problems faced by families of all kinds and holds a passion for helping those who need his services the most. So, from family law to estate planning and many matters in between, trust your most significant legal challenges to Dugger Law Firm.

To get started on the path to reaching your goals, call our office in either Missoula, MT, or Brevard, NC, as soon as possible to schedule an initial consultation. Remember, it is never too early to get started on a solution, but it can be too late. So, don’t hesitate and call today!

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